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R.A.F. 1942 Pattern 46 L


Selling my lovely jacketdue to losing a lot of weight, worn incrementally, 3 years old. Pristine condition apart from barely visible scuff on the upper back, and some light wear on one cuff. Pictures available on request.

Seller Information

Markus Orvik
Stokmarknes, Norway

Wed 16 Aug 2017

ELC 'House' A-2

ELC \'House\' A-2

4 Sale (1) ELC 40" House A-2, Size 40" Chest.
This a2 dates from the early 1990's and is a Dark Seal brown HH. The jacket is in a good condition, no holes or tears in the knits, there is some minor wear to the leather.
Epp to Epp across back 19 1/2"
Pit to Pit 23'
Down zip including waistband 22 1/2"
Back Collar seam to bottom including knit 25"
Sleeves including knit 24"
350 plus Postage. I would prefer a U.K Sale.

Seller Information

Steve Warrilow
Ascot, United Kingdom

Thu 10 Aug 2017

RAF Pre-war Irvin

875 USD
RAF Pre-war Irvin

Sizing forces the sale of this Eastman RAF Irvin jacket, Battle Of Britain pattern. Size 40 R. Lightly worn, and never in inclement weather. Jacket is in superbly beautiful condition. Original box and plastic travel bag. Shipping and insurance additional at the direction of the buyer.

Seller Information

chris szczepanski
Phoenix, United States

Sun 06 Aug 2017

RAF pre-war Irvin

875 USD

Sizing issues for the sale of this beautiful RAF pre-war pattern Irvin jacket. Size 40R. Lightly worn, and never in inclement weather. Original box, and plastic travel bag.

Seller Information

chris szczepanski
Phoenix, United States

Wed 02 Aug 2017

Wanted A-2 in 44" original maker seal recent warhorse


Wanted an A-2 in seal original maker recent warhorse, in 44" or 46".
No patches, no stiching holes no artwork please.
Pay premium if in very good condition.
Thx for your time.

Seller Information

Werner Fromm
Reiningue, France

Tue 01 Aug 2017

J100 Size 44

J100 Size 44

As many will know we have recently moved to new premises and during the move a good degree of sorting out was done. We have a number of jackets that have been in store that have been used for one reason or another - photo shoots, sample try-ons etc and we will be making them available here in the classifieds section.

Brand new J100 in size 42. This is a trainee made garment and is very slightly 2nds which to most will be unnoticeable. It is a perfectly good jacket and is made to current material specifications of a 1st.

If you have interest in this jacket please call our sales office on 01752 896874.

Seller Information

Gary Eastman
Ivybridge, United Kingdom

Tue 18 Jul 2017