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Welcome to eastman leather

Welcome to Eastman Leather Clothing. We Specialise in making extremely authentic, high quality reproductions of WWII vintage flight jackets and accessories.

Traditional hand made quality goods and individual pride in making something well is a rare ethic these days. The fineness of the cloth, the texture of the leather, and the sensation of putting something on that makes you feel special knowing it's been built with pride, is an experience seldom enjoyed these days.

However, at Eastman Leather Clothing, we are keeping a gateway to the past open. Established in 1984, and with an international reputation for being the best in the business, you have found the ultimate Flight Jacket website.

Attention to authenticity, quality, and history, is at the heart of these products; when buying an Eastman, you are purchasing just that.

Remember, there's nothing like an EASTMAN - except an original!

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