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USAAF Officers' Crusher Cap. FLIGHTER.

No other item of headgear, depicts the image of the intrepid, WWII veteran American flyer, more readily than the Officers' 'Crusher' Cap.

Designed purely for aircrew officers, the crusher cap was a flexible version of the standard Army Officers service cap. Its conception was born out of practicality, in order that the cap could be used during flying, i.e. worn with headphones, and/or easily pocketed or stowed.

The term 'Crusher' was a nickname given to these caps, as they could be literally crushed without really damaging them. Ideal for the airman who was constantly on the move from barracks to flight ops, and needed a cap that he didn't have to treat too carefully - the stiffer standard officers cap simply was not practical for this kind of usage.

The Crusher was immensely popular with all American aircrew personnel during WWII, and became a virtual status symbol of an American flyer - The more slouched, and crumpled the cap, the more kudos the flyer acquired.

Due to popular demand, we are pleased to offer what many of our customers have been asking us for for years - here it is, The 'Flighter'. Manufactured by the American cap maker, The Diamond Cap Co, and modeled on the most famous of all WWII crusher caps 'The Flighter'. We are pleased to be the exclusive supplier in the EU.

The Flighter will top off your USAAF outfit with unmistakable panache.

Product Features

MATERIAL :100% Wool Gabardine
PEAK :Soft leather like the true Crusher style
OUTER BAND :Hand dyed Mohair
HEADBAND :Leather with embossed 'Flighter' logo.

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