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USAAF Type A-1. Seal Brown Capeskin

Of all the American flight jackets this model is one of the hardest to reproduce correctly because original examples are virtually impossible to find. Ideally having an original example to hand is necessary.

We have been extremely fortunate to secure an original A-1 which retains all its original components, so our reproduction is extremely accurate. For the first time since 1931 an A-1 made from all the correct materials, including Capeskin for the shell, is now available.

Origin of the A-1: Standardised on November 27th 1927 as a Summer flying jacket, it was the very first of the knitted waist and cuff windcheater type flight jackets. It was a style that was to set basic outline for flight jacket design for decades to come.

Synonymous with early aviation heroes such as Jimmy Doolittle, the A-1, although superseded by the A-2 in 1931, was still in limited use during WWII, and was not declared obsolete until September 29th 1944.

The reproduction: Our A-1 replicates the original to the last detail with its distinctive slim cut, and unique materials. However, unlike the early A-2s the A-1, being made from the much softer and finer Capeskin, wears very easy and feels like you hardly have it on. It is the perfect Summer weight flight jacket that can be worn from outdoors to indoors without feeling the need to take it off. It is the perfect all rounder, an absolute dream to wear, and a garment that exudes absolute quality.

Our Capeskin has been sourced and selected from the highest grade we could find. It's finished in an aniline Seal Brown dye, matched exactly to the original. This combination of quality and dye method produces a leather that is just delicious to touch and eye.

Note: When viewing the comparison images, your first impression may be that the colour of our A-1 is markedly darker than the original. However, this is because the original has become very faded and scuffed with much wear. We have taken colour matches from areas on the jacket where the original colour is still perfectly preserved.

Available in sizes 36 - 48.

Product Features

SHELL :Premium grade Capeskin
LINING :100% cotton sateen - dye matched exactly to the original.
BUTTONS :Custom made real horn
BACKING BUTTONS :Custom made real horn
LABEL :Exact reproduction of the original

USAAF Insignia

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NOTE: Jackets that are personalised with insignia, or that are time-worn (where time-worn is optional), are non-returnable

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