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Eastman USAAF Type A-2. Seal Brown Horsehide

The A-2 is without doubt the most famous of all the WWII flight jacket designs.

Standardised on May 29th 1931 as the regulation Army Air Corp intermediate flight jacket it was used until the end of the war.

Initially, it was intended that the A-2 flight jacket be made from Horsehide leather only. However, by the mid '30s, Goatskin and later Steerhide, were also approved.

The official colour was 'Seal Brown', but this was represented in many various shades as it turned out. Indeed, references to other shades such as Russet and Havana were also used.

Of a quite basic design, the A-2 flight jacket saw action in every theatre of WWII. Pilots and aircrew regarded their A-2s as companions, more than simply items of issued clothing. Today, original A-2s fetch high prices in the collectors' market, and are regarded as military antiques.

The Eastman A-2 flight jacket represents the spec in its most typical form. It's available in 3 hide types: Horsehide, Goatskin & Steerhide, which in turn are available in two shades of brown: Seal & Havana. The hide in each case is veg-tanned.

During most of the period that the A-2 was originally produced (1931 - 43), veg-tanned hides were used. Accordingly, the look and feel of a reproduction made from this type of hide best represents the vintage appeal of the original.

Veg-tanning is uncommon these days; it is more time consuming to prepare than modern methods, generally difficult to produce, and is thus hard to source and more expensive. But expense cannot be spared if the definitive reproduction is the goal. Our endeavour to find the most authentic leather that is made using this process has been exhausting, but worth it. This garment is made from our latest vintage WarHorse® horsehide in the rich Seal brown shade. This hide exudes quality and authentic vintage character.

With an Eastman A-2 you are purchasing the very finest of any offering worldwide in this genre, and a garment that emulates it's wartime predecessor in every detail.

Available in sizes: 36 - 48.

This garment is available with the option of having a ‘TimeWorn’ finish. For more information about TimeWorn please see the link just below here.

Please note:
Choosing the TimeWorn option renders the garment non-returnable. Please see our Terms and Conditions regarding returns if you require further information.

Product Features

SHELL :Veg-tanned Vintage WarHorse® Horsehide
COLOUR :Seal Brown
LINING :100% plain weave cotton, matched to the correct USAAF spec.
COLLAR HOOK :Correct bent wire style in dull nickel
COLLAR HOOK EYELETS :Double barrel version
KNIT :100% worsted wool, in authentic wartime spec and colour.
LABEL :Woven USAAF spec
This product is available in a Time Worn finish. To find out more about Time Worn click here

USAAF Insignia

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NOTE: Jackets that are personalised with insignia, or that are time-worn (where time-worn is optional), are non-returnable

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