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Eastman USN G-1 55J14

By 1947 the M422A had become the G-1. This tried and tested design from WWII continued to be standard issue for the Navy aviator. In fact, it continues to be issued right up to present day - albeit more of a status symbol now than a functional piece of equipment.

It went through several spec changes throughout its history, but the basic design hasn't changed very much. The first version (spec 55J14) maintained the same quality of materials as its predecessor, such as; veg-tanned Goatskin for shell; rayon for the lining; mouton sheepskin for the collar; 100% wool knit with its unique 'rib & rack' weave etc, so this model G-1 embodies all the finer attributes of the M422A, which later models did not.

We have selected the 55J14 G-1 as the version most appealing to reproduce precisely for this reason. Not only is it the oldest version, thus having more vintage appeal, it was the model which was still being used in combat during its period of service - it was used extensively during the Korean war!

We have sourced the most amazing veg-tanned Goatskin, which has the same characteristics and weight found on the early G-1s. The tanning process of this hide is very traditional which produces a beautiful full bodied leather. Once fully broken-in this leather burnishes and moulds to the body and takes on that desirable vintage look that can only come from a such traditionally produced skin.

The real mouton sheepskin collar has been painstakingly matched to the original - deep Auburn Brown colouring with soft true 'mouton' texture. 'U.S.N.' is stenciled behind the collar (the 55J14 was the only spec G-1 to have this - subsequent versions having the initials perforated down the windflap instead).

The G-1 is an all-time design classic which suits many occasions - next to the A-2 it has to be the definitive flight jacket of all time.

Available in sizes: 36 - 48.

This garment is available with the option of having a ‘TimeWorn’ finish. For more information about TimeWorn please see the link just below here.

Please note:
Choosing the TimeWorn option renders the garment non-returnable. Please see our Terms and Conditions regarding returns if you require further information.

Product Features

SHELL :Veg-tanned Goatskin
COLOUR :Dark Brown
LINING :US Navy spec Dark Burgundy Rayon
KNIT :100% worsted wool, in correct weave and colour
LABEL :Woven, USN spec
INSIDE POCKET :100% unbleached cotton-drill
ZIP :Talon
This product is available in a Time Worn finish. To find out more about Time Worn click here

US Navy Insignia

US Navy Name Tag Example

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NOTE: Jackets that are personalised with insignia, or that are time-worn (where time-worn is optional), are non-returnable

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