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'Ace Signed' 352nd Ftr Grp A-2 W. Starck

Very limited edition 'Ace signed' A-2. Signed by 352nd Ftr Grp veteran, Colonel Walter E. Starck, 487th Ftr Sqdn.

Holding rank of Major in WWII, Colonel Walter E. Starck is accredited with 7 aerial victories.

The late Colonel Starck was an example of the extraordinary courageous calibre that made up the pilots of the 352nd. Even when faced with overwhelming odds, not so much as a second thought was given to turn and face the enemy with undefiable commitment; during a bomber support mission over Germany in May '44 he lead his flight into the attack against a vastly numerically superior enemy fighter force, and won the day. A full account of this mission is contained within the 12 page colour booklet that accompanies this product.

Among Starck's many military awards are included:
Air Medal with 4 Oak Leaf Clusters
The Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters
Purple Heart.

He remained in the Air Force, and retired as a Colonel in 1965.

During WWII, a multitude of land, sea and air force units were engaged in the conflict. For their achievements in battle, some gained more renown than others - the 352nd Fighter Group were most exceptional in this accomplishment.

Between September '43 and April '45, (whilst based at Bodney, England), with their Bluenose Mustangs, they exorcised the skies of Europe with unadulterated efficiency. It's not surprising then, that they soon earned themselves the nickname by the Luftwaffe 'The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney'. General William Kepner, commander of the 8th Fighter Command had a slightly more eloquent title for them however - 'Second to None'!

In not much more than 18 months of combat duty, their record of achievements looked like this:
794 enemy aircraft destroyed
29 individual Aces produced
420 combat missions completed
115,673 sorties flown
59,387 combat hours logged

In addition to this impressive record, they were deservedly awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation and the French Croix de Guerre with Palm.

As part of our tribute to the 352nd Fighter Group, we are proud to present a truly unique offering. Based on our special production 352nd Ftr Grp, Monarch A-2, we now offer a very special limited edition series of 'Ace Signed' 352nd Fighter Group A-2's.

The edition comprises a collection of three 352nd Ace Signed jackets, which are limited to only 50 pieces each.

The Aces are:

1st Lt Alden P. Rigby

Maj Donald S. Bryan

Maj Walter E. Starck

Each jacket is signed and individually numbered in the back, on a specially sewn-in lining panel. 

To ensure it's authenticity, the same number appears on a card tag sewn into the right hand pocket. This is further substantiated by a certificate of authenticity contained within an informative 12 page colour booklet, which accompanies the jacket. The booklet contains further information about the 352nd Ftr Group, it's squadrons, combat experience and photo of the veteran.

These unique garments combine collectability with practicality; this isn't a signature that can only be hung on the wall, or put in an album - this is one that you can wear, discreetly contained within the inside of your jacket. And one which you can proudly show to friends and enthusiasts, wherever you go. Outwardly the jacket appears to be a plain, WWII A-2. But contained within, is the mark of hero - a 352nd Fighter Group Ace!

There is no doubt as to the uniqueness of these jackets, and the certainty that they will prove to be garments of enviable collectibility - never to be repeated!
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