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For those who appreciate the fine details and quality of a vintage garment, and therefore the absolute authenticity of a high-end reproduction, the Eastman US Navy T is sure to delight; this is the definitive, design-classic, basic white T of all time.

The 'T-Shirt' is surely the most ubiquitous item of clothing that exists in our society today. It fills the wardrobes of billions; it comes in all shapes, sizes and colours; and has had just about every logo, slogan and advertisement put upon it know to man, but its lineage goes back to a basic, white garment, that was essentially underwear.

G-Is and sailors of the US military in WWII were issued with these basic white underwear Ts, and were often seen stripped down to just this basic garment when working in hot environments, or relaxing on the ship's decks. As was often the case, with their usual casual way of wearing their attire, it was they who started a trend that made it cool to be seen in just your underwear. In the decades that followed, especially the 50s, this style was galvanised by the youth, who consequently made it fashion, and which was further inspired by Hollywood, who dressed silver-screen icons such as Brando, Dean and a host of other heart-throb stars in the classic white T. Like bomber jackets and jeans, the white T has secured its place in the classic-clothing wardrobe forever.

Over the years, the T has gradually evolved away from its original ancestor, in terms of cut, construction and quality, but it is only the original, white, military T, that has the true vintage look, and the one (in classic-clothing terms), which is the most flattering.

In research and development for nearly two years, our US Navy WWII T was taken stitch-for-stitch from an original. Even the nomenclature stamp in the neck, with US Navy contract number, is reproduced exactly from a NoS original. Made from a superior quality 'slub yarn' cotton, they are constructed as per the original in terms of cut, seam-style and shade. The neck aperture for example, is the correct 'open' style cut, which is slightly bigger than most modern-day Ts, and the sleeves are of a reasonably short length, and not loose (but not gripping). The torso is slim, but also not gripping, and is long enough to be comfortably tucked in, and not come out. Although we refer to the shade as "white", actually it is an off-white, or Ecru - as per the original; we have matched everything, exactly.

The original Ts were made on loop-wheel, 'body-size' looms, i.e. there is no side-seam; it is made as a complete tube. To do this requires special looms which are only used by specialist manufacturers these days, and thus are hard to source, and expensive to produce - but it's the proper way to make a T-shirt, and it's the way they were made for the US military in the 1930s/40s.

The expertise in making such a garment is really only found in one place in the world these days: Japan. They have become renown for being the world experts in body-size construction, and being able to produce accurate vintage quality fabric. Needless to say, we were only interested in producing the very best that could be achieved, and so our US Navy Ts are made there.

This is the definitive WWII T.

Available in sizes 36 - 44.

Product Features

FABRIC :100% Slub yarn cotton
SHADE :Correct Ecru (slight off-white)
SEAMS :Correct cover stitch style and turn-back
STAMP :Exact reproduction of original US Navy contract
CUT :Taken exactly from original WWII spec.
Garment size:

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