Pocket Wallet

The Eastman wallet is an ideal, practical accessory, that will compliment any of the jackets we offer.

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Data sheet

Rough Wear 1401
Russet Warhorse, OD thread. No decals. (Would also match with the Rough Wear B-3 and B-6 jackets)
Rough Wear 27752
Seal Brown Warhorse, OD thread. AAF decals.
Star Sportswear
Dark Seal Brown Warhorse, Havana thread. AAF decals.
Cable Raincoat 23382
Havana Goatskin, Havana thread. No decals.
Monarch 23378
Russet Warhorse, Havana thread. AAF decals.
Seal Brown Capeskin, Havana thread. No decals.
Werber 1729
Havana Warhorse, Havana thread. No decals.
Seal Brown Horsehide, Havana thread. AAF decals. (Also would match with ELC B-3, ANJ-4, D-1 and C-3 jackets).
Seal Brown Goatskin, Havana brown thread.
Goatskin, Havana Brown thread.
Luftwaffe Black
Horsehide, Black thread.
Luftwaffe Brown
Horsehide. Brown thread.
Hartmann Black
Capeskin, Black thread.
Hartmann Brown
Capeskin, Brown thread.


The Eastman wallet is an ideal, practical accessory, that will compliment any of the jackets we offer.

The construction is very simple, and was inspired by the US Army style wallets from WWII. Designed essentially as a flight jacket companion its size allows it to fit into the pockets of most of the leather flight jacket types we offer - espeically the A-2!

Inside the wallet there is one compartment for paper notes and two smaller sleeves for credit/business cards etc.

The wallet set can be ordered in a selection of several different leather and shade variations, matching the same type as we use in our range of jackets. So you can have a wallet to match your jacket exactly. For example, if you choose the RW1401 spec, it comes made in exactly the same premium Warhorse horsehide leather as that which we use on the Rough Wear 1401 A-2, with OD thread for stitching etc.

We have illustrated a few of the variants in the picture gallery in the link to at the top of this description, but not all.

The A.A.F. decal is applied to some, but only those where the corresponding jacket type would legitimately have had it. i.e. the Rough Wear 27752 spec has them, but the Rough Wear 1401 does not. We have put 'AAF decal' in the descriptions below so you can see which have them.

The wallet also comes with the handy change purse and key ring. And the whole set is packaged in wartime style wrapping.

Here is a list of the variations we offer. As mentioned, these descriptions are relating to the corresponding leather jackets of the same spec. After choosing the one you want you can select it from the drop-down order menu below: