Catch 22

Catch 22

Produced and Directed by George Clooney, the 2019 six part mini-series adaptation of the Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 is packed with a feast of Eastman flight jackets and related products of which we were the exclusive supplier. Garments supplied included the following

A-2s in a variety of models:
-Rough Wear 1401
-Rough Wear 27752
-Star Sportswear
-Eastman Seal Brown
-Eastman Havana Brown,
-Werber 1729

Other jacket models:
- B-6 Rough Wear
- D-1 Eastman
- B-15 Rough Wear

Other garments:
- A-1 Sweater
- B-2 Caps, Eastman, .50CAL & Rough Wear
- Officers flight gloves
- Pinks trousers
- USAAF plain Tees
- Buzz Ricksons chinos
- Custom hand painted squadron patches

Approximately 400 garments (which included 50 flight jackets) were supplied.