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Werber A2 Jacket 44

£475 free p+p to UK
Werber A2 Jacket 44

I’m looking to sell on my ELC Werber A2 size 44 . Its in good time worn condition. It does look fantastic, having owned many ELC jackets the Werber in my opinion is one of the best looking A2s going. This jacket is ready to go !
Zip and knits are in good condition with just a little nick on a cuff.
Many thanks.

Seller Information

Norwich, United Kingdom

Mon 18 Jun 2018

ELC .50 cal A-1 (size 44)

650 plus shipping
ELC .50 cal A-1 (size 44)

Against my better judgement (and certainly against John Lever’s advice!), I have decided to offer my .50 cal A-1 for sale. I've worn it a number of times recently and, whilst being the most comfortable jacket that I own, it's time to let somebody else enjoy it. I find that I'm wearing mil spec jackets less and less now and the '20s/'30s workwear is more suitable for my lifestyle these days.

This is certainly the best example of a repro A-1 that I have owned (and my obsession with the A-1 has meant that I have bought and sold on and very large number of ELC and GW Type A-1 jackets, as well as a Bill Kelso before I settled on this one, bought directly from Eastman after long discussions with Rob Brace). The effect of the .50 cal treatment is to make this one actually look like vintage, without any of the unsubtle distressing that you see in other offerings.

The capeskin used in this jacket is significantly more tough and elastic than that used for the stock (non .50 cal/timeworn) ELC A-1, the GW A-1, or the BK A-1, all of which were more soft and prone to puncture or tearing. I imagine that this is the effect of the ELC 'timeworn' treatment, but it means that it can be worn really easily without the usual fear of damage (it's not been mollycoddled at all, it's been worn out in all weathers: sun, the odd heavy rain shower, and in snow; I've even worked in the garden in it on cooler evenings).

Tagged a 44, the dimensions are (measured fastened, laid flat, using a soft tape):

Pit to pit 24" (61 cm)
Shoulders 19.25" (49 cm)
Front length (chest panel to bottom edge of leather snap stand) 24" (61 cm)
Back length (back panel to bottom edge of knit) 25" (63.5 cm)
Sleeves (outer edge, shoulder to bottom of knit) 24" (61 cm)

There are no issues with knits, which are all elastic and taut, no stains or smells to the lining. All buttons are secure (I resewed all with longer shanks using sturdier thread) with the snaps working well.

The jacket is stock with an important exception, which was well documented on this forum and FL. I replaced the collar knit soon after acquiring the jacket. As I've said often (and experienced recently with the Bronson 37J1) pretty much all manufacturers don't get the collar knit profile to sit/lie correctly on their A-1 patterns (John C nailed this pretty much right from the start, and the Bill Kelso A-1 pattern that I worked up with them benefitted from this) and this A-1 was originally no exception.

I obtained a length of matching collar knit from Rob Brace at Eastman, along with the loops and thread, and had a local tailor run up a deeper collar with a more accurate profile (deeper at the back to allow the collar to stand up properly, and dipping slightly at the front to sit under the chin when fastened).

I am asking £650 plus shipping or local pickup if you live around the Bristol area.

Seller Information

Ian Hamerton
Bristol, United Kingdom

Wed 13 Jun 2018

ELC WWI German Pilots 3/4

600€ or trade

for sale or change. WWI German Pilots 3/4 length black leather flying coat in premiuum aniline dye supple cowhide in size 42. The jacket is in perfect condition with very little use. I get rid of it because I hardly use it due to the climate of where I live and because I find it somewhat adjusted for me. It only lacks the lock that is placed inside the neck that is used to hang it. The inner lining is totally new. I would trade it for an A2 or a Harmant both in size 44.

Seller Information

Orlando Herrera Garcia
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Mon 11 Jun 2018

ELC Hartmann for trade

ELC Hartmann for trade

Hi there!

Up for a TRADE is a ELC Hartmann jacket in size 44 Regular. The jacket is in mint condition and has a nice dark brown color (like a classic B-3 Bomber jacket). Everything is fully funtional and in great condition.
I would like to trade this jacket with a smaller sized Hartmann, like 42 regular or 40 regular. The colour of your jacket is secondary to me. So if you are interested or you need further informations/photos, please write me a mail. Cheers.

Seller Information

Philipp Debus
Siegbach, Germany

Mon 11 Jun 2018

Hartmann Black Size 44

Hartmann Black Size 44

Barely worn Eastman Hartmann jacket. Size 44.

The soft capeskin is taking grain with every wear and yet is stiff enough to also be taking light sleeve creases. It is a nice balance of light leather that does not feel flimsy. No rips tears or repairs and all Riri zips are in working order. Slim cut fit for a 44.

Pit to pit: 23"
Shoulder to shoulder back: 19"
Shoulder to sleeve cuff: 24.5"
Back collar down: 24.5

Seller Information

Robert Litsenberger
Anchorage, United States

Mon 04 Jun 2018