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Eastman B3 size 42 EXTRA LONG

650 euros
Eastman B3 size 42 EXTRA LONG

In very good shape. Ordered in November 2017. Gently worn.
Perfect for a tall and slim guy
P2P : 24
Shoulders : 21.1/4
Sleeves : 26.3/4
Back : 28
Price excluding shipping fees
Payment by bank wire. No paypal.

Seller Information

CORAZZA Stéphane

Tue 10 Apr 2018

A-2 'Pearl Harbour'

A-2 \'Pearl Harbour\'

Eastman 'Pearl Harbor' model

SHELL :Veg-tanned HorsehideLINING :100% cottonKNIT :100% worsted woolTHREAD :100% cottonLABEL :USAAF spec woven taffetaZIP :Crown®

As the credited suppliers of the flight jackets (and other associated apparel) to the blockbuster movie Pearl Harbor, we are proud to offer our special edition 'Time Worn' Pearl Harbor A-2.

As you may well have noticed we offer the Time Worn finish on many of our jackets now. However it was the Pearl Harbor A-2 where this popular and convincing aging technique was first introduced.

We refer to this model A-2 as the Pearl Harbor because it was precisely this specification A-2 that we supplied for the film; an Eastman A-2 with the pre-war style collar and used appearance - 'Time Worn'.

'Time Worn' was a process that we developed as a consequence of a request from the movie makers to supply 'used' looking flight jackets. This is a process that has been honed over the years to produce an extremely authentic vintage looking garment.

Made from high quality veg-tanned Horsehide this model A-2 is available in a choice of two shades: American Walnut and the slightly lighter Havana brown. It has a rugged, broken-grain vintage appearance that is appreciated on so many of those original A-2s we so dearly love the look of.

This Jacket is size 40" in excellent condition.
Knits are excellent with no pulls or nips.
Leather supple with no scuffs or marks, just the original 'Time worn finish'
More pictures available on request

Seller Information

neil pearce
gloucester, United Kingdom

Tue 10 Apr 2018

WTB - Eastman B-10 in 46” or 44”


Want to buy an Eastman RoughWear B-10 in 44” or 46”
Looking forward to receive your offers with photos.

Seller Information

Walter Hartmann
Reiningue, France

Mon 02 Apr 2018

A2 Eastman Havana brown Horsehide 46” USED

A2 Eastman Havana brown Horsehide 46” USED

SHELLVeg-tanned Vintage WarHorse® HorsehideCOLOURHavanaLINING100% plain weave cotton, matched to the correct USAAF spec.COLLAR HOOKCorrect bent wire style in dull nickelCOLLAR HOOK EYELETSDouble barrel versionKNIT100% worsted wool, in authentic wartime spec and colour.LABELWoven USAAF spec
The A-2 is without doubt the most famous of all the WWII flight jacket designs. Standardised on May 29th 1931 as the regulation Army Air Corp intermediate flight jacket it was used until the end of the war.

The official colour was 'Seal Brown', but this was represented in many various shades as it turned out. Indeed, references to other shades such as Russet and Havana were also used.

The Eastman A-2 flight jacket represents the spec in its most typical form. Available in two shades of brown: Seal & Havana.

During most of the period that the A-2 was originally produced (1931 - 43), veg-tanned hides were used. Accordingly, the look and feel of a reproduction made from this type of hide best represents the vintage appeal of the original.

Veg-tanning is uncommon these days; it is more time consuming to prepare than modern methods, generally difficult to produce, and is thus hard to source and more expensive. But expense cannot be spared if the definitive reproduction is the goal. Our endeavour to find the most authentic leather that is made using this process has been exhausting, but worth it. Specially prepared for us by an artisan Italian tanner we have had the most authentic horsehide recreated using traditional veg-tanning methods, which we call WarHorse®, the hide exudes sheer quality and authentic vintage character.

With an Eastman A-2 you are purchasing the very finest of any offering worldwide in this genre, and a garment that emulates it's wartime predecessor in every detail.

Used - damage to both cuffs. These can be replaced by Eastman themselves for £50 the pair.
I have photos of the damage and the jacket. Please request and I’ll email them.
Non refundable sale.

Seller Information

Henry Bailes
Sawbridgeworth, United Kingdom

Mon 02 Apr 2018

Used A-2 Size 46


Looking for a used A-2 size 46. Please send price, description and photos. Many thanks.

Seller Information

Ron Roberts
Monkton, Maryland, United States

Sat 31 Mar 2018



Pair of new, superb, genuine Eastman Leather Clothing A-10 USAAF pilot’s flying gloves in a size 11 (so XL).
Still sewn together at the wrist - never separated. With original packaging.
Intermediate weight glove, used throughout WWII as standard issue to all USAAF aircrew, and exceedingly popular.
This is a faithful Eastman reproduction to exact U.S.A.A.F. spec.
Made from authentically tanned supple goatskin leather, lined with a fine wool knit. The ribbed wristlet was also 100% wool knit.
Correct Second World War material, colour and weave. An authentic AAF decal on each glove as per originals.
Happy to take paypal or non-online payment methods. Buyer covers the fees if using the former.
Unsure how much insured p&p will be – but estimate about £5 in the UK.

Seller Information

Stu Disbrey
Kent, United Kingdom

Email :
Tel :

Sat 31 Mar 2018