Kwik Zipper Information


The pursuit of ultimate authenticity is the primary policy that is the driving force here at Eastman Leather Clothing. Since the introduction of our Crown zip in 2007, and the acclaim that it has subsequently earned, we are now pleased to announce the release of yet another classic fastener. We give you - The KWIK zipper!

Installing an in a top-quality reproduction flight jacket is essential if it is to be just that - top quality.

Creating such from scratch requires expensive tooling and a lengthy period of research and development if the final product is to the best it can be.

We pride ourselves in adhering to this ethic as closely as possible with cost sometimes outweighing sense, but this is the nature of the business when enthusiasts make products for enthusiasts - we just get carried away.

However, we have never regretted being overindulgent in this regard and we certainly haven't this time. We are delighted to be able to offer another exclusive fastener into our range which we know is going to please our customers.

The KWIK zip is the least seen make of the four types that can be found in wartime USAAF flight jackets, and as such has been completely overlooked by every other reproduction flight jacket manufacturer. But KWIK were there right from the start; they can be found in USAAF flight jackets, including A-2s, right back to the early 30s. They were utilised in many other fight clothing garments as well. The KWIK is made entirely from 'coined' components (there are no cast parts at all). They have a simple 'pin-lock' puller/slider assembly, and as such are strong and reliable as well as very slick running - hence the name.

So, for the first time since WWII the KWIK is back in action, and is exclusively produced and registered by us.

As you browse our product range you will see the KWIK appearing in selected products where it is authentic to use them, and if you decide to purchase you can take pleasure in knowing you will be wearing something truly exclusive.

KWIK - The Zippiest Zip!