Thank you for your interest in the Eastman Leather Clothing collection.

This range of specialist vintage style flying jackets and accessories has been compiled for those of us who desire a truly authentic garment. That is, a garment which in design, components, and quality matches every detail possible the original garment it is a reproduction of.

The nostalgia behind these styles is what makes them attractive. They were born out of a time of necessity, and designed for a specific purpose - to function and protect under adverse and challenging conditions. Since then they have become timeless design classics, appealing to the rugged utilitarian image.

Original flying jackets are collectors' items; they are hard to find, expensive to buy, and in most cases far too delicate to wear. They are without doubt investments, and for these reasons are no longer practical in use. For those of us who wish to wear such a garment these reproductions offer that fulfilment.

Attention to detail, is at the heart of making a perfect reproduction; when buying an Eastman garment, you are purchasing just that!

All the components that go into making our products have been painstakingly recreated at great expense; the materials and methods of manufacturing that were commonly available fifty years ago have all but vanished today. Producing them again requires starting from scratch, absorbing tremendous amounts of time in doing so.

Our jackets are made only from hide types and tanning processes found in originals. It is only by using these traditional methods that one can reproduce the true look and feel of an original vintage garment.

As you browse through the website you will notice that we constantly keep you informed of the attention to detail, and wherever possible illustrate an original garment for comparison. We are confident to do this, and above all, we want you to know what you are paying for.

Eastman Leather Clothing has been established since 1984, and in that time we have gained a reputation for being one of the best in the business. This is mainly due to the fact that the products are made right here in the U.K. in our own factory by skilled craftsmen and women.

Our workers take special care when making these products as they have been taught the emphasis is on quality not quantity. This business was started purely from the passion of producing an authentic garment as good as it could be, and being proud of the end product - that is still our mission today.

We hope you enjoy the website, and welcome your custom should you decide to order.