Time Worn™ is a registered trademark of Eastman Leather Clothing Ltd.

Time Worn™ is a process we developed specially for the film 'Pearl Harbor' in 2000; the producers requested the jackets should ideally have a degree of wear to look authentic. The outcome was a success, so much so in fact that we decided to make it part of our regular line. It continues to be one of our most popular models, and for many years was the only garment we produced with this finish.

Over the years frequent requests were received for other styles to be available with this finish, and this has since been implemented.

The name speaks for itself really, but it's important that the customer understands exactly what they get if they choose this option. Time Worn is a subtle but noticeable degree of ageing affected to the garment to give it a handsome vintage appearance.

As many will no doubt agree, the endearing appeal of an original vintage flight jacket is partly due to all the creases, wear and scuffing that the garment has sustained during its service. The lived-in airman's jacket could tell a thousand tales, and the imagination of what these stories might be is characterised by the wear that has been engrained into it over time - Time Worn™.

Time Worn™ is hand done, and takes many hours to achieve. It must not be confused with past fashion terms such as 'distressing' which was a process applied to the leather before it was made into a jacket, and thus did not emulate genuine wear. The material does not undergo Time Worn™ until the garment is fully-made, thus more authentic wear characteristics can be achieved. Time Worn™ gives you a cool looking jacket right from the first minute you put it on which would otherwise take many months, even years to achieve through normal wear. It gives it a natural lived-in appearance with subtle creasing, burnishing and ageing all in the right places.

The paler shades of the under dye can be seen subtly blushing through in various areas - just like an original. When putting the jacket on it feels altogether more comfortable than a brand new garment due to the now relaxed and broken-in hide.

The amount of time and effort that goes into this process should not be underestimated. Each jacket requires several hours work, over a period of days to achieve this look. And although it may seem ironic to pay more for a used looking jacket than a brand new one, it is nevertheless extra work, and one which requires an artistic eye and good understanding of how to work leather in such a way.

It should also be pointed out that unlike a second hand jacket, these jackets are still essentially brand new - all the other components are new and unworn such as lining, knit, zips, press studs etc. Many of our customers tell us that it seems to take so long to get their jacket worn-in - this is often due to the fact that the jacket is not worn that often. A Time Worn™ jacket shortcuts this long wait, and gives you a seasoned, broken-in garment right out of the box.

Time Worn by Eastman Leather Clothing