For those who seek the ultimate in flight jacket authenticity, not just in detail and spec, but in historic reference and vintage appeal the 'Elite Units' department will fulfill your quest.

In here you will find jackets from famed units and even specific airmen that have excelled in one way or another. They are embellished with various insignia, paintings and details that are totally authentic in their representation.

They are also put through our 'TimeWorn®' process (which is completely 100% hand-done), but with even greater detailing than normal, to offer a recreation of a of high-end vintage collectible of unparalleled authenticity.

Original examples of the products in this range are worth thousands of Pounds - if you can find them - as such, they are not practical to wear (even if they fit you), and neither should they be; they are historic collectibles which should be given the highest consideration as to their preservation.

The jackets offered here are for the ultimate enthusiast who shares an appreciation of such items but has always wanted to be able to wear one without the anxiety and fear of what comes with wearing an original. This is as close as you can get!

Please note:
Needless to say the time and effort that goes into making products like this is considerable - as such they are made in very limited quantities and may not be available within our usual delivery times, in this regard we politely ask for your kind understanding.