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To see the USN Cap being worn, see John Wayne and colleagues in The Flying Leathernecks.

Wed 30 Mar 2011

glen hoff

Just to say a big thanks for my A2 Star Sportswear. Wonderful quality and a pleasure to wear. Worth every hard earned penny!

Wed 30 Mar 2011

Gary Banks

Got my USN ball cap this week & it's fantastic, just like the one John Wayne wears in They were expendable. Thanks ELC for another classic item.

Sun 27 Mar 2011

Nick Bowles

I have owned my black luftwaffe jacket for just over a year now , and am still hugely impressed with it . The finest garment I own by a mile , expensive yes , but quality of this standard is never cheap . Buy one .you will not be dissapointed.

Mon 21 Mar 2011

Erwin Hellweger

Today I received my A2 Sportswear jacket, my gloves and my B-2 and B-5 cap. I'm Swiss and we care about quality, but what is produced by Eastman. Simply amazing. Thanks to Gary, Rob spec for the nice letters and all of ELC. Eastman over and over again!

Fri 18 Mar 2011

Radzfel Geonzon

Received my Roughwear B3 and I am loving it. Thank you Gary, Rob and all at Eastman for the wonderful jacket!!

Mon 14 Mar 2011

Pete West


Mon 14 Mar 2011

Neil Vincent

I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone at eastman, got my B3 roughwear today the wonderful present my wife got me for christmas. its been a wait but worth it. thanks my collection is complete, A2 .50cal, B6 .50cal and the B3

Mon 14 Mar 2011

Andy Rivera

Absolutely love my B-3 Jacket!!

Mon 14 Mar 2011

Bruce Clements

thanks to the machinist who relined ,and re cuffed my RWA2 perfect workmanship

Mon 14 Mar 2011

Erwin Hellweger

Just recieved my B3 jacket. Great work ELC ! Absolutely fantastic !! Thanks all at ELC !

Mon 14 Mar 2011


Great to see a dedicated woman's flying jacket being made available. The W.A.S.P's were an amazing bunch of ladies who could have lit my touch-paper any day!! Well done all at Eastmans.

Mon 14 Mar 2011
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