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Chris Evangelou

Thanks to Gary and the team for fantastic service, help and the of course the A1 50 Cal jacket.

Fri 17 Feb 2017

Fritz Unrein

A realy great masterpiece the R.A.F. 1942 Pattern.
Special thanks to Rob and Gary for super efforts !!!
Fantastic quality and fit!

Sun 12 Feb 2017

mark hillman

I just received by post the Poughkeepsie an-j-4. A superb work of art , the fit is perfect . Thankyou very much to Gary , rob and all the staff at Eastman.

Sat 11 Feb 2017

Paul Cross

I have just received my A1 50 Cal jacket this morning that I ordered just
before Christmas.

I must say it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever worn. It fits like a glove and it’s brilliant in every way.

Years ago, when I was a kid I flicked thro

Fri 20 Jan 2017

Jeff Shrader

Could not be happier with the Star Sportswear A-2. It is absolutely representative of a 'dead stock'
original; exceeds expectations in every possible respect. Keep up the great work!

Thu 29 Dec 2016

Lee Harries

Thanks for sorting out the zipper on my D-1, the usual quality service and prompt return of aforementioned jacket. Have a great Christmas :-)

Wed 14 Dec 2016

Sebastian M. Koehler

Hi Gary, hi Rob, another masterpiece! The B-3 cal.50 I received from you looks like a real WWII one. Fantastic. Looking forward for my next order. Kind regards.

Sun 30 Oct 2016

Werner Fromm

Thx to Rob and Gary for the great B-3 Rough Wear Redskin.
Best B -3 ever made and seen.

Sun 23 Oct 2016

Pontus Tilrem

Today I received my B3 Jacket, 0,5 CAL.
I want to express my pleasure and happiness with the product. Not only the jacket itself, but also the parcel.
From size to wrapping paper, paper container for the jacket, labeling an air of quality and craftsma

Fri 07 Oct 2016


A-2 rough wear received.
What can i say... beautiful, hight quality craftsmanship.
Eastman family, thank you for this jewel.
Kings regards.

Fri 30 Sep 2016

Sebastian M. Koehler

Today I received my A-2 Reissue "Escape A-2". Looks fantastic a real masterpiece! Special thanks to Rob for all his support. The used look is so well done and the jacket looks like the one from the movie with Steve McQueen. Also the Baseball shirt and the

Wed 10 Aug 2016

Adam Haynes

Remarkable reproduction of exceptional quality. Second to none in this industry. I will certainly be back to purchase more!

Thu 21 Jul 2016
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