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Werner Fromm

Thx for your Irvin, great stuff.

Sun 06 Mar 2016


I received my A-2 Seal Brown Horsehide. Big thanks to The Eastman Team for this superb jacket. Congratulation for the brillant job. This jacket was a dream, it's my reality now.
Great thanks and see you soon for new order.

Tue 09 Feb 2016

J C Giles

Whenever the !937 B-3 S.F.A.D has an outing people say "what a great jacket" Bit warm for summer though!

Fri 08 Jan 2016

Oliver Standfest

Today I received my Hartmann Jacket, I ordered 4 days ago. While ordering I was a little bit afraid about the quality of the capeskin. But it's absolutely excellent. It was my second Eastman Jacket, but for sure not my last

Thu 17 Dec 2015

Glenn Carter, USN(Ret)

Thanks for keeping the history alive, Cheers!

Wed 16 Dec 2015

Cesar Garcia

Hartmann jacket in Brown color received i must say that i had a previous one exactly the same but this one has a capeskin with more character and very soft. I am more than happy. Thanks Rob, Gary, Alan and staff.

Wed 25 Nov 2015


Hello Mr. Eastman,
I bought a jacket from your ELMC French retailer, the Californian model.
I congratulate you and your team, too, the jacket is beautiful.

best regards


Wed 28 Oct 2015

David Allanson

Looking for an Eastman size 40 regular; the more russet brown the better.


Sat 12 Sep 2015

marc Ranner

A long shot but ...
I have an russet Eastman Monarch in a 46". I've lost quite a few pounds and I'm looking to swap for an Eastman A2 with a measured chest size of 46-48". Interested let me know

Sun 30 Aug 2015

david kershaw

got my raf roll neck today..very impressed,great service and I love the ww2 style packaging too..nice touch Eastman....

Wed 19 Aug 2015

Lee Harries

Just received my lovely A-1 today in size 48. What a fantastic bit of smutter! Once again my thanks go out to Rob & the Team at ELC. I'm thinking I will gets lots of wear out of this classic :-) My summer jacket!

Fri 22 May 2015

dennis rodriguez

Wanted: Eastman RAF -Year 2000 or earlier.

Would prefer a RAF 1942 Multipanel - Size 42 or 44. Although, will consider year 2000 or earlier ELC RAF in 1940 or 1942 patterns.

Paypal payment works best. Contact me at:

Sat 11 Apr 2015
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