Christian Drew

The anj4 Poughkeepsie arrived last week...superb jacket another worth every penny Eastman masterpiece...and I got the first one out to a in rank!

Mon 11 Feb 2019

peter hall

Received my RAF Aircrew sweater. Absolutely love it. Fantastic quality! A must for any wardrobe.

Mon 10 Dec 2018

Robbe Basteleurs

I received my G-1 earlier this week, and it's the best leather jacket I've ever had. Craftsmanship, great materials, attention to detail and superb customer service; it's all there. Thanks to Rob, Gary and the whole team for making only the best.

Wed 31 Oct 2018

Anthony Nedl

After 10 years owning my superb Pearl Harbor Jacket there was a small repair to be done (self inflicted) and Rob and his team helped me out flawless. Stunning craftsmanship ! Many thanks to Rob at the factory for the exemplary service.

Wed 05 Sep 2018

Dan Beasley

I've owned my horsehide Luftwaffe for almost four years now and it looks better than ever. Jacket has molded to my body shape perfectly over time and feels tailor made just for me. Many thanks again to the fine folks at Eastman. Dan Beasley,

Fri 03 Aug 2018