HORSE OIL - conditioner

Originally used by Native Americans, Horse Oil had a wide range of applications, from injury medicine to lamp fuel and of course leather preservation.

Today, Horse Oil Conditioner is still produced by some specialised companies as a premium leather preserver and conditioner. It does not contain petroleum based solutions or any other chemicals at all - it is a 100% pure natural product. Produced in Japan, specially for us, this incredibily high quality conditioner is the perfect elixir for your treasured leather jacket. The conditioner comes as a non-sticky grease in the tub, but as you work it into the leather, the warmth of your fingers will melt the grease and it quickly becomes a soothing oil that absorbs instantly into the hide. It has very low tack, and once absorbed into your garment will leave no greasy sticky residue. Your leather product will be uplifted and fed with the very best nourishment in leather preservation.

NOTE: Pale aniline leathers may be slightly darkened by using Liquid Leather. We have done several tests and found that any darkening was hardly noticeable, if at all. But to be sure, one should try testing on a small out-of-sight area first.