OSTMANN :: WWII German Flying Jacket Horsehide

OSTMANN - WWII German Flying Jacket Horsehide

Highest quality 3oz Horsehide.
100% brushed cotton (moleskin)
German made 'Prym'.
Swiss made 'Riri'.

The Luftwaffe (German Air Force), ruled the skies over Europe for more than 4 years during the dark days of WWII. In that time many of their pilots made their mark by becoming some of the highest scoring aces in history; Adolf Galland, 'Pips' Priller, Heinz Knoke, Molders ... to mention just a few. All were famed for their aeronautical combat skill. Eric Hartman 'The Blonde Knight of Germany', still holds the record of 352 victories.

These pilots, along with many others favoured the short leather flying jacket as the most suitable garment for doing their job.

In WWII several commercial manufacturers were producing short style leather jackets for general casual and utility applications. Luftwaffe fighter pilots adopted these for their purpose which seemed to be acceptable to the military authority. No doubt they reasoned this kind of unofficial uniform played a big part in the morale of pilots - it was their uniform! As long as the jackets conformed to a basic design and colour (black or brown), they were accepted. Hence, when viewing archive images from this period it is evident that although generally very similar there were numerous designs being worn.

They were an immediate hit amongst the young, proud and style-conscious Luftwaffe fighter pilots. The flattering and distinctive hip length cut, set them aside from all other aircrew.

Our offering of this style is taken mostly from one particular design which we know to have existed. After acquiring several original examples of various styles we selected one which we felt offered the best in terms of style, build quality, and practicality.
Lined with top quality brushed cotton fabric the Ostmann jacket offers just the right amount of warmth for those colder experiences, without being too much for normal day to day use. Other trim such as zips and press-studs are sourced from original wartime manufacturers such as Riri and Prym.

Made to our usual degree of high quality, this flying jacket will serve you as faithfully as the German pilots did the Luftwaffe; whether flying, motorcycling, or just everyday casual wear, this tasteful design is a versatile garment whatever the occasion.

Available in sizes: 36 - 48.


NOTE: Jackets that are personalised with insignia, or that are Time Worn® (where Time Worn® is optional), are non-returnable

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