SWEATER :: R.A.F. Aircrew

SWEATER - R.A.F. Aircrew

The RAF Aircrew roll-neck sweater was standard issue to all aircrew personnel in the Royal Air Force during WWII.

Classically worn under the sheepskin flight jacket or tunic, RAF aircrew favoured the roll-neck sweater as one of the better items of issue clothing that could be worn as extra insulation under the sheepskin flight suit.

We have replicated this much sought after garment to our usual high degree of authenticity.

Like the original, our sweater is made from 100% pure English wool, in Ecru (unbleached white). It is knitted to exactly the correct spec, including details such as the two diamond shaped cotton reinforcements, inside, where the collar joins the shoulder.

This is the perfect companion to either of our RAF jacket styles, or just a good looking classic sweater that can be worn with or without any amount of different modern day overgarments.

Made entirely in the UK.
Available in sizes: 36 - 48.