Tanker Boots:: Black

BOOTS - Tanker Black

Veg-tanned Horsehide
Bench-made on traditional lasts
Fully leather-lined
Goodyear storm welt (UK)
Double stitched at high stress points
Hand-stitched shaft seam
Original Cats Paw
Custom made US Army WWII chequered pattern soles
Solid brass - blackened
Woven shuttle-loom
Available in half sizes 7 - 11 (UK sizing)

To produce the very finest high-end version of this boot model has been on the wish list of our company for many years. Finally, through the strong collaboration between ourselves and the John Lofgren workshops of Japan, that quest has become a reality.

Conceived in 1937, alledgedly at the request of General Patton, the Tanker Boot is of a unique and elegant design. The most noticeable feature is that of the front closure which allows them to be donned and removed with much greater ease than a normal lace-up boot, by way of a short and long strap arrangement, whilst still giving good ankle support.

We feel we have created the definitive version, and can assure they are absolutely stunning. Working from an original pair of WWII vintage examples, we've had the lasts custom-made by taking moulds from them, and recreated all the design and sewing details with fastidious enthusiasm.

The shape and fit is simply fantastic - snug shapely ankle throat, correct bow to the sole and elegant shape to the vamp.

The Tanker Boot design combines ruggedness with elegance so they lend themselves to most occasions and applications, and are so easy to put on and take off. They are in our opinion the ultimate utility boot and we are so pleased to have made these a reality.