P-44 SHIRT - Frogskin HBT USMC

The USMC P-44 shirt was the successor to the distinctive P-42 dungaree combat uniform, and differed in design markedly, most noticeably with the addition of two large 'grenade' pockets on the front.

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P-44 shirt Frogskin
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The USMC P-44 shirt was so named (unofficially), due to the year the model appeared. As the successor to the distinctive P-42 dungaree combat uniform, the P-44 was quite different in design - the small pockets of it’s predecessor were replaced with two, deep, side entry pockets (sometimes referred to as grenade pockets). It has a 2-position button cuff, and is made from the distinctive 100% cotton HBT Frogskin camo.

The fabric is double-sided with predominantly green on the outer, and brown on the inner. This double sided attribute allowed garments to be made that were reversible.

Marines are traditionally involved in amphibious operations such as beach landings. When going into a beach landing the Marines would wear their Frogskin garments with brown side outer most, so as to be best concealed on the beige coloured sand. Once inland they would reverse their garments around to green since they would then be in terrain with mostly green foliage.

The US Marine Corps had been using this print since the introduction of the P-42 pattern with great success, particularly in the Japanese held jungle environments of the Pacific islands in WWII.

As with all military equipment lessons are learnt as to its effectiveness in combat, and specs evolve accordingly to make them perform better. The P-42, whilst serving its wearer well, lacked decent pocket space. If a Marine found himself parted from his equipment pack in combat he had little pocket space to stow extra ammo and rations.

The P-44 version attempted to rectify that deficiency and was designed with two large front chest pockets - sometimes referred to as ‘grenade pockets’. They were made with an easy-access vertical aperture, which in turn was secured by an easy-to-use press stud fastener.

Made entirely in Japan, who are the gurus at producing these types are garments, our recreation is made from an outstanding Mil Spec quality HBT which we had custom-made for the purpose. Along with accurately recreating the pattern, all other authentic details have been observed, from the U.S. Marine Corp metal buttons to the stitch-style and fasteners.

Original wartime Frogskin camo garments can be found with many subtly different casts to the hue of the fabric colours, from a warm gold hue to the background of the green side, to a cooler olive hue. Generally, the early made garments had the warm hue, and later made garments (such as the P-44) were the cooler. For our P-44, we haven’t just used the same hue as has been used on our other Frogskin garments - which would have been the most expedient thing to do - we have gone to the trouble of producing this model in the more typical cooler olive hue for a P-44, meaning a whole different production of fabric had to be made.

This practical design garment is perfect for casual wear which can be layered for warmth or worn just over a T-shirt in the summer. Original wartime USMC Frogskin shirts are very sought after in the WWII collectors market as it is a design classic and as such they can fetch very high prices - especially if they are in good condition.

Our P-44 looks, feels and wears just like an original, so you wont be afraid to wear and wash it - it’s as tough as the Old Breed from WWII.

Available in sizes 38 - 46