The quintessential US Army Enlisted Man’s OD wool shirt of WWII.

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The quintessential image of a WWII US Army soldier has to be that of the early-war wool uniform dress - M-1 helmet, wool shirt and trousers, with M-41 jacket over the top.

The US Army Enlisted Man’s OD wool shirt and trousers from pre to early war are often referred to as ‘mustards’. Whilst predominantly Olive Drab in shade, they had a slight but distinct mustard hue to them as opposed to later production versions which were noticeably more green in shade . They were also trimmed with dark caramel coloured buttons (as opposed to green later on), which further distinguished them from the later versions.

These early ‘mustard wools’  speak G.I. like no other garment and are the most sought after versions among collectors of WWII US Army uniforms.

The early production shirts are made from a fine, high quality polished wool twill, which is less fuzzy than those of later production, and have a smarter appearance.

For the recreation of this classic garment we had the fabric custom-made and dyed so as to ensure we captured the definitive ‘mustard wool’ look and feel. The 100% wool fabric is woven and constructed as per the original with a dense weave and polished finish. Working from vintage originals we opted for spec. 8-108 which is from early 1941. Every detail has been perfectly matched, from the mustard fabric, to the dark caramel buttons, and from the stitch style to the makers tag.

The definitive WWII US Army G.I. shirt