Thunderbird Field ::  Navy

JACKET - Flying Instructors Thunderbird Field Navy

100% melton wool in Navy Blue
Horsehide (WarHorse®) in Seal Brown.
Rayon satin.
Real horn.
100% wool knit to collar, cuffs and waistband.
100% 4 cord cotton.
Thunderbird Field embroidered patch

Thunderbird Field: creation of Hollywood producer Leland Hayward, along with investors James Stewart, Cary Grant, Henry Fonda, Robert Taylor and Margaret Sullavan.

Thoughtfully laid out, the airfield could be seen as an etching of the mythical Anasazi Thunderbird from the air. The control tower formed the head of the bird, the administration buildings and barracks its body, the hangers its wings, and the gardens its feathered tail.

In 1941 the field became part of the United States Army Air Forces training establishment, and contract primary flight training base for Allied pilots throughout the war.

The Thunderbird Field A-1 Instructors Flight Jacket is based upon traditional flight clothing garment design of the period. Made from 100% Navy Blue Melton wool for the body, seal-brown WarHorse® hide for the sleeves, and rayon-satin for the lining, this light-weight, easy-to-wear jacket has both classic vintage style, and practical versatility: in the autumn over just a T-Shirt, or in the winter over a sweater, it fits the bill. The slick high-quality rayon lining means it slips on and off easily, and the 100% wool knit trim to collar, cuffs and waist keep the draughts out.

Stitched to the left upper left shoulder, is an absolute spot-on reproduction of the famous Thunderbird Field embroidered patch. Produced on original 1920s looms, with rayon yarns (which gives the patch an authentic vintage look and feel), is indistinguishable from the original.

Available in sizes 36 - 48.


NOTE: Jackets that are personalised with insignia, or that are Time Worn® (where Time Worn® is optional), are non-returnable

USAAF Insignia


Please be aware this is only a representation of the final product. If any insignia is added to the product the jacket is non returnable.

+ Sample Lining Stencil
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