Trousers :: Officers \'pinks\' U.S.A.A.F. Regulation issue

TROUSERS - Officers 'pinks' U.S.A.A.F. Regulation issue

USAAF Regulation woven satin label
US military spec
Highest quality rayon satin
High quality dense weave 100% Cotton
Original TALON
Scuff reinforcement at ankle cuff
Invisible Gentleman’s waistband pocket

The quality and authenticity of these trousers is just astounding. They are from a time when true Gentlemen’s outfitters with creaking floorboards and the smell of polished oak shelves could be found in the high street.

We have had the heavy weight 100% wool, Officers' 'elastique' fabric (also known as 'Cavalry Twill') made to the exact wartime spec. The average weight per pair is 2lb. The drape, handle and colour of this cloth is indistinguishable from the original.

As you will see from the detail images we have incorporated all the details which one could find in only the best quality Officers trousers produced during the war.

All this along with superior cut and fit that will transform any wearer's appearance to that immediately associated with an 'Officer and a Gentleman'!

Important note: Each size comes in only one leg length (which is indicated in the drop down size menu below). As you will see the leg length is long in every case. This is done to make sure whatever height you may be the leg will surely be long enough for you. However, for most it will be too long, which means like all tailored trousers purchased in the good old days you will have to get the leg taken up to ensure the perfect length. Any good tailor can do this for you.

Available in waist sizes 28 - 40

Note: Belt is not included.