Type B-2 :: .50CAL

CAP - Flying Winter Type B-2 .50CAL

Veg- tanned North American sheepskin
Seal Brown - hand-dyed
.50CAL - TimeWorn

.50CAL is a small range of specialised garments that come only in our Time Worn finish. They will appeal to those who appreciate the nostalgic charm of vintage flight clothing.

This process is entirely hand done, the result is a garment that is still brand new but has a vintage lived-in patina that you can continue to add to from the first time you step out your door.

The .50CAL B-2 is made from authentic veg-tanned, North American sheepskin, and is hand dyed with broken grain character like our standard Eastman B-2. However, that's where the likeness ends. The .50CAL B-2 represents a spec which saw the transition from the earlier 'Redskin' caps to the later dark Seal Brown versions. The outer colour and finish is a hand dyed Seal Brown while the colour of the fleece is typical of the transitional model in that it has a distinct brownish tinge, compared to the much brighter off-white shade of the later models.

Remember, there's no waiting for this one to wear-in before you get it looking like a vintage original - .50CAL B-2 is ready for action!