Type A-2 :: HLB Corp. Contract 37-3891P

JACKET - Flying Type A-2 HLB Corp. Contract 37-3891P

Havana Brown, Vintage WarHorse®, 100% Veg-tanned horsehide
Premium quality 3-ply 100% cotton
Authentic shade and weave in 100% cotton
Tube construction. 100% wool in correct weave and colour
Correct model 'Ball Stud' in nickel finish
Correct model, in black, with kinked eye, and hand sewn
KWIK® M-31 - an Eastman trademarked brand
Shuttle-loom, Rayon-yarn, perfect reproduction of the original maker

THE rarest of all the A-2 contracts: H.L.B. Corp, contract 9709 37-3891P.

Contracted in March 1937 with the smallest of production runs numbering 375.
Only a couple are known to have survived to present day.

It has a number of unique features, not least the M-31 Kwik zip - an extremely rare model of zip that was only used on this contract of A-2 jacket. Having acquired the trademark rights to produce this brand of zip again several years ago, and after fastidious effort in R&D, we are now able to offer the definitive reproduction of this incredibly rare model of A-2 - replete with the Kwik M-31 zipper.

Working from the original HLB A-2 we hold in archive, every detail has been faithfully replicated. Please view the picture gallery on this page, which links from clicking the jacket to the left here, to view the side by side comparisons of all the unique details.
Please note: You will notice the original jacket in these pictures looks somewhat darker than our reproduction. This is because the original jacket was overpainted, later in the war, with a darker dye as part of a refurbishment process that was often applied to flight jackets around that time. It’s original factory production shade was the typical, lighter, pre-war Havana Brown shade.

The cut and fit have been taken inch for inch off the original. It is a very comfortable cut, with a tad extra length in body compared to most other makers, but most markedly a completely unique cut to the sleeve underarm which is like no other - giving this model of A-2 a noticeable amount of extra lateral arm movement when raising ones arms to the side.

The way this company interpreted the spec is clearly an intelligent and thoughtful one, with several unique design points which are not seen on other contracts, such as:
- the sleeve cut
- inset collar hook
- leather tabbed zip reinforcement at inside-waist
- double topped stitched pocket flaps

Naturally we have used the most authentic hide for this special original maker product, that being a 100% veg-tanned horsehide we trade-name “Vintage WarHorse®”.

For the A-2 enthusiast, this is one of the rarest copies that will ever be available, as only in this unique specification can it be made to 100% authenticity.


NOTE: Jackets that are personalised with insignia, or that are Time Worn® (where Time Worn® is optional), are non-returnable

USAAF Insignia

USAAF Name Tag Example

Please be aware this is only a representation of the final product. If any insignia is added to the product the jacket is non returnable.

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