U.S. Navy :: Blue Utility Cap


100% Cotton Sateen
Taped reinforced seams inside
Correct white ink nomenclature stamp on headband

The US Navy Utility cap was a design that came into service in the late 50s and saw service through the ‘60s and Vietnam War period.

Made from a dense weave cotton sateen and dyed in US Navy Blue, the Utility cap was originally designed for use by enlisted men only, on fatigue duties. However this order was relaxed in the later ‘60s and the cap can be seen being worn by enlisted men and officers alike, performing all kinds of duties - such was the practicality and popularity of this cap design.

The shape of this cap has clearly been inspired by a design that dates right back to WWII - the USAAF Type B-1 - with it’s low brow and wide duck-bill visor, it has the classic US military look that is so synonymous with Americana headwear.

SIZES: Available in 4 sizes 7 1/8(S), 7 1/4(M), 7 3/8(L), 7 1/2(XL)