US Navy :: Utility Jacket

JACKET - Utility U.S. Navy

100% Cotton Sateen
Correct warm viscose blue lining
Original new old stock 1960s Conmar Brass zip
Accurate recreation of period US Navy neck label
Mil spec Urea buttons

In the late 1950s the U.S. Navy introduced a new Utility Work Uniform made from a blue cotton sateen. This new outfit essentially broke the mould of this uniform type, as all the various designs of jacket and dungarees that had gone for decades before were made from denim.

The complete uniform consisted of cap, jacket and pants. All made from the same material and colour. At first, each of these garments were not authorised to be worn separately - they had to be worn as a complete uniform. However, by 1962 this requirement was relaxed.

Indeed, as the 60s rolled by and the coming of Vietnam War, usage of this uniform became more ubiquitous, with many adorning the jackets with their unit patches and rank and wearing it as a general purpose every day garment.

By the mid ‘60s, the desire for a new uniform was underway, but due to budgetary restrictions this didn’t happen until the early 70s. Thus, the Blue Sateen uniform endured for the entirety of the 1960s and into the 70s, making it a definitive, Vietnam War, U.S. Navy uniform.

Our reproduction meticulously follows the original spec and cut. Made from a premium quality 100% cotton sateen fabric, with correct blue viscose lining, it is closed with an amazing New Old Stock 1960s brass Scovill zip that was sourced specially for this project. Urea buttons further close the wind-flap. The practical design makes it easy to wear, and a go-to garment for so many occasions, just as the navy hands found it be all those years ago.


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44-46 111-116 46 L
46-48 116-121 48 XL


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