USAAF :: BB Shirt WASP 318th

SHIRT - Sports, Baseball WASP 318th

100% cotton. The fabric is produced using a combination of two dying methods - sakizome (pre-dyed before weaving) and atozome (woven then dyed). Dying is performed in one location, and sewing in another.
Tube body construction. Specially woven on a vintage war era circular knitting machine.
#18 Toppushi yarn perfectly matched to the original vintage fabric.

Many of the USAAF combat squadrons had their own baseball teams, and so did the Womens Auxilliary Service Pilots (WASPs).

The print depicts the WASPs mascot Fifinella, and the nomclature of the 318th AAF FTD of Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas.

Manufactured exclusively for us by specialist Japanese production.