JACKET - Flying Type A-2 Eastman® 'Masters Of The Air' Seal Brown Horsehide

As supplied to the 2024 miniseries production ‘Masters Of The Air’. As worn by Austin Bulter, Barry Keoghan and many others in the cast

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Data sheet

Veg-tanned Horsehide
Seal Brown
100% plain weave cotton, matched to the correct USAAF spec.
Correct bent wire style in dull nickel
Double barrel version
100% worsted wool, in authentic wartime spec and colour.
Woven USAAF spec
Authentic Talon
Time Worn
Note: Jackets that are personalised with insignia, or that are Time Worn™ (where Time Worn™ is optional), are non-returnable
Garment size

Name Tag
Lining Stencils
( + £24.99)
( + £24.99)

Note: Jackets that are personalised with insignia, or that are Time Worn™ (where Time Worn™ is optional), are non-returnable


In 2013, following the success of their previously highly acclaimed WWII mini-series ‘Band Of Brothers’ and ‘Pacific’, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks announced they would be producing their third instalment of authentic wartime dramas entitled ‘Masters Of The Air’.

A few years passed before production actually started but in 2019 we were approached by the production company with the view of producing their requirements regarding authentic flight jackets and associated garments.

Needless to say one of the most popular that would be required was the Type A-2 - the most famous of all the US Army Air Force flight jackets.

Aesthetics are always a primary consideration of the costume department, so along with many versions of our regular A-2 designs we already offered, the film company asked us to make the majority of A-2s with certain features they wanted to emphasise in the interest of aesthetics, whilst still maintaining absolute authenticity.

The collar profile was to be made with deeper rounded lobes - very similar to that of the Monarch Mfg Co contract. The sleeve head was to be on the steeper side and the sleeve to be set-in, giving the garment a very smart appearance.

Pocket flap profiles were of the more rounded shape one sees on A-2s, and crucially the hide needed to be of a type that readily took on a worn looking patina. It takes a lot of time to break down hundreds of flight jackets to appear well worn, so we used a beautiful aniline dyed horsehide with a very round handle and not too heavy and the result was amazing.

The MOTA A-2 offered here is the exact version that was made for the production in terms of quality, spec, details and leather, and is available in a choice of two shades: Seal Brown or Havana, which in turn are available with the Century Bombers® patch as worn by the 100th Bomb Group and produced under licence from the 100th Bomb Group Foundation. They are also Time Worn just like the film production version.