USMC:: P-56 Shirt Special Forces Mitchell Camo Jungle Fade

SHIRT - USMC Special Forces P-56 Mitchell camo jungle fade

100% Cotton plain weave Mitchell Camo print
Mil-spec Urea
2 x Breast (left with pen slot), 1 x large inside
Hard TimeWorn® Jungle Faded
Available in sizes 36 - 46

This version of the P-56 is the unofficial version in USMC Standard Pattern Jungle/Leaf (often referred to as ‘Mitchell’) Camouflage in a plain weave cotton for Special Forces in Vietnam. (See our blog page for more information Marine Corp camo).

In the early part of the Vietnam War (before official camo combat clothing was available), some Special Forces units which needed clothing that offered better camouflage qualities than the normal issue 'greens' for undertaking their deep and covert missions, had custom theatre-made garments produced from various camo print material. One such favourite was the Mitchell camo cloth that was really only ever officially used for helmet covers and shelter halves. They had their standard green P-56 shirts copied in the Mitchell Camo fabric.

Our recreation of this rare model shirt is made from a perfect copy of the Mitchell camo print on a 100% plain weave cotton, just like the originals. They have been given a hard Time Worn® finish to render a garment that has all the vintage appeal of sun-bleached, jungle-faded original.


Customer Size Guide

Jackets and Tops

Measure your chest over a T-shirt; it is helpful to get someone to do this for you. Do not inflate your lungs, just relax and stand with your arms out. The tape measure should be run around your chest right up under your arms and held snug, but not tight - this is your chest measurement.

Measure your chest The Size you
should order
in cm
34-36 86-91 36 XS
36-38 91-96 38 S
38-40 96-101 40 M
40-42 101-106 42 M
42-44 106-111 44 L
44-46 111-116 46 L
46-48 116-121 48 XL


Measure the circumference of your hand around your 4 knuckles (obviously do not include your thumb). Correlate this measurement with size chart below to assess your glove size.

Measure of your knuckles The Size you
should order
in cm
7 - 8 18 - 20 XS
8 - 9 20 - 23 S
9 - 10 23 - 25 M
10 - 11 25 - 28 L
11 - 12 28 - 30 XL


Measure the circumference of your head.

Measure of your head The Size you
should order
in cm
21½ - 22 54 - 55.5 XS
22 - 22½ 55.5 - 57 S
22½ - 23 57 - 58.5 M
23 - 23½ 58.5 - 60 L
23½ - 24 60 - 61.5 XL
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