WWI German :: Flying Coat 3/4 length Black Horsehide

COAT - WWI German Flying Coat 3/4 length Black Horsehide

Premium grade Italian, aniline dyed, Horsehide
Top quality 100% Brushed cotton (moleskin) in Petrol Blue. Produced in Germany.
Real Horn
Traditional leather covered metal with prong
Available in sizes
36 - 48.

The first major conflict involving aircraft was the First World War. It was during this era that the military pilot gained his glamourous image.

On the home front, airmen were used extensively for propaganda purposes, depicting them as dashing knights of the sky. Compared to the trench bound, foot slogging soldier, his life was certainly more exciting; roaming at will above and beyond the front line of his soldier comrades.

The fighter pilots who mastered their skill best soon achieved 'Ace' status. They would become house-hold names like formerday movie stars.

None achieved more fame than the notorious Baron von Richthofen, or 'The Red Baron' as he was to become popularly known. He, and many pilots like him, would commonly be seen wearing 3/4 length double breasted black leather flying coats.

Our WWI German Pilots 3/4 length black leather flying coat is most certainly fit for an Ace. Made from a premium, aniline dyed, supple Horsehide, this flying coat absolutely exudes quality! Its classic and thoughtful design combines sophistication with utility that it is perfectly at home in everyday walks of modern life - a garment of truly exceptional quality!


NOTE: Jackets that are personalised with insignia, or that are Time Worn® (where Time Worn® is optional), are non-returnable

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